About Our Workforce Solutions - San Antonio, TX

Our goal is to provide commercial businesses, the government, and the Department of Defense with workforce solutions and human capital resources. After eighteen years, DME has claimed their place as a leader in the industry by establishing a model that leverages customer service and business relationships that will last for years to come.    

At DME, our Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Team has been designed to focus on creating sound business relationships among federal, state, and local governments, as well as commercial clients of any size.

We have designed our Quality Assurance Program to bring errors to a minimum, effectively utilize support staff, meet deadlines, and provide increased visibility into project metrics. Our diagrams cover workflows and analytics for each step through the Lean Six Sigma Management principles and proven systems for management. Additionally, we developed the technology system that allows our staff to measure performance and effectively identify shortfalls in performance. Our QA department utilizes their 23+ years of experience to conduct ongoing management reviews and weekly Program Management Training. They also deliberately seek opportunities for methods to improve their success.

Our award winning Contract Administrations department is committed to total quality assurance. Our Contracts Manager, a former government contracting officer, oversees all federal government and national commercial contracts. In collaboration with our Contracts Administrator they are responsible for reviewing and managing all contracts, subcontracts, vendor relations, and joint ventures/partnerships agreements. Both positions are responsible for negotiating of terms and conditions, while assessing compliance requirements throughout the entire performance period of all executed contracts. Our team has garnered over thirty-five (35) years of combined experience in contract management & administration, yielding maximize financial and operational performance success

At DME, our Executive Management Team is known for its innovative thinkers who realize the true value of providing top-notch services that meet the individual needs of our customers. From our Founder/CEO, to the President, CFO, and COO, each position has applied their military and business training strategically to select manager and staff who compliment the mission of DME while adding value to their initiatives. The key to a company’s success is customer service, and our executives are fully committed to leading by example, as each one mirrors the DME motto of “do unto others as we would have them do unto us.”

16302 Pleasantville Rd Suite 211 San Antonio, TX. 78233